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"Can I sell your products on my website like an affiliate?"
        "You sure can!!!"

How it all works

The Affiliate Referral Earnings System offers individuals, schools, companies, and organizations a simple way to promote space access and technology, and earn income without making a financial investment in us, or our products.

Simply put, the system works like this:

 You sign up--at no charge to you--to become an affiliate.
 You refer customers to us through your unique affiliate links to Heron Aerospace.
 Those customers purchase our products &/or services. Those purchases generate earnings for you.
 You view your earnings and manage your account online.


Step by step details

Associates Sign Up here

You'll need to complete the online Sign Up form to become an affiliate.  Once you have completed the sign up process...
  1. Your affiliate account is activated.
  2. You receive an unique affiliate ID number.
  3. You'll get an email confirmation with simple instructions on how to create and install affiliate links on your website and how to monitor your affiliate account.

Tips To Make Affiliate Links

You decide how to refer customers to our site. Your options are limited only by the breadth of your imagination.

Possible vehicles include the following: WebPages, newsletters & ezines, text ads, email signatures, etc. 

When a visitor enters our website by clicking on your affiliate link, that visitor is "remembered" for a specified number of days, and any purchases made by the visitor during that time will automatically be associated with your unique affiliate ID number.  


Purchases made by your referrals that are completed during the allotted period of time will automatically generate and post earnings to your account. 


Associates Log In Here

Associates Sign Up Here

You can view your account status, change your account information, and view in real-time the amount of earnings that it contains.