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To give you a taste of the SPDB, we have setup this sample data base so you can see what it's all about. To access the real SPDB, and other benefits of membership, become an Honorary Member of Heron Aerospace Today!

The Heron Aerospace Searchable Product Database Contains over 10,000 Items -- Electronics, and Related Products, at rock-bottom prices!   . . . Prices Too Low to Advertise!

Personal & Portable Audio/Video
PA/DJ Equipment, Mics, Keyboards & Karaoke
Binoculars & Night Vision
Cameras & Film
Digital Cameras, Accessories & Memory
Photo/Video Tripods, Bags & Accessories
Camcorders & Accessories
Video Game Accessories
Computer Accessories
Surge Suppressors
Home Theater
Selectors & Switches
Custom Installation Components
Signal Transmitters
Satellite Accessories & Antennas
Security & Observation
2 Way Radios, GPS,Scanners & Radar Detectors
Mobile Audio/Video, Power Inverters, & Car Alarms
Telephones, Batteries & Accessories
Cell Phone Accessories
AV Care
Digital & Blank Media
Personal & Portable Media Storage
Canon, Fuji, Zenith, Minolta, Panasonic, Acoustic Research, Audiovox, Citizen, Casio, JVC, Magellan, Garmin, Motorola, Night Owl, Samsung, Sennheiser, Southwestern Bell, Uniden, Lorex, Cobra, Remmington, Sony, and more. . .
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Product Description:
Model Number:
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Results from this sample data base will not contain prices. It also does not reflect the actual availability or full number & types of products available.


Company: You can input the company name for a listing of all the products of that brand. EXAMPLE COMPANY INPUT: "Fuji"

Model Number Search: If you know the model number of a product, input that into the correct field above and click "submit". HINT: you might try a different version of the model# if you don't get a result. i.e.: 1001 vs. 100-1, etc. . .

Product Category Search: Type in a general category like "printers", "TV", "Digital Cameras", or "Portable Audio/Video", etc. . .

Product Description Search: In the appropriate search field above, put some pertinent information about the product, like brand, product type etc. EXAMPLE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION INPUT: "canon camera" or "Home Theater", or "Dual cassette with dolby and surround sound", etc.

UPC Number Search: The UPC (Universal Product Code) is a fairly unique (though not always) number assigned to a product. This is the most direct, and accurate search possible. If you know the UPC, and we have the item in our database, you are garanteed results. EXAMPLE UPC SEARCH INPUT: "9008345788001"
HOW DO YOU FIND A PRODUCT'S UPC #? There are many ways, . . . you can look in catalogs, the company's website, or if you go to the store, you can often find the UPC # on the product's box or tag.

You Can Also Search By All Five Categories.